Use Cases

Who are our ideal users?

With our extensive range of products that make up our marketplace, we cater to various types of users, from those seeking solutions to those aiming for profitability. Let's delve a bit deeper into some examples to make clear some of our features and the possibilities of our technology.


1. Web3 Developers:

  • Hosting Dapp: Use our cloud solutions to host your website, dapp, or project.

  • Cloud Storage: Sends a copy of a physical or virtual file or database to the cloud for preservation in case of equipment failure or other disaster.

2. AI Developers:

  • Deep Learning: Utilize DeTensor's GPU resources to train complex deep learning models for tasks such as image recognition, natural language processing, or predictive analysis

  • Data Preprocessing: Take advantage of GPU acceleration to swiftly preprocess large datasets, preparing them for analysis or model training.

  • 3D Rendering: Access high-performance GPUs for rendering complex 3D models and animations, saving time and resources.

  • Bioinformatics: Harness GPU power for tasks like genome sequencing, protein folding simulations, and other computationally intensive bioinformatics tasks.

  • Game Development: Access powerful GPUs for developing and testing graphically intensive games.

  • Risk Analysis: Conduct rapid risk assessment and financial modeling for making informed decisions.

3. Investor and Salespeople:

  • Stake To Earn: Utilize our revenue sharing to earn $DETENSOR gains by staking directly in our Dapp.

  • Rent to Earn: Rent our nodes from various different networks to earn a predictable passive income.

  • Lend to Earn: Lend out your idle hardware and earn a recurring fee based on demand.

  • Refer to Earn: Refer all our products through our marketplace, and for each referral, earn directly in $ETH or $DETENSOR, fixed and recurring earnings.

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