Wait a minute, what is DeTensor ?

DeTensor is an innovative concept aimed at streamlining access to Cloud Services, Nodes, and AI resources through the use of blockchain technology, allowing users to participate and profit from the constantly evolving landscape of decentralized finance and artificial intelligence. DeTensor is creating a transparent and secure ecosystem where each participant can fulfill their role effectively.

Our Features:

  • Cloud Service: Acquire cloud solutions suite includes all the services you need to build a truly Dapp, website or product.

  • Deploy Service: Purchase a node deployment service for a service fee, and we will deliver it fully configured for your needs.

  • Blockchain Nodes: Rent to Earn with nodes from other blockchain networks, paying a transparent fee. This service democratizes access to node resources and generates secure returns with the ease of a single click.

  • GPUs Rental: Rent AI servers, equipped with powerful GPU resources, for your specific use cases, paying a monthly fee. This service democratizes access to AI resources, ensuring they are readily available for those who need them.

  • GPUs Lending: Rent out your idle hardware to others through DeTensor, earning $DETENSOR tokens based on usage. This feature transforms inactive resources into opportunities for passive income.

  • Affiliate Program: Refer our marketplace products and earn a percentage of the fee. There will also be an opportunity for passive income through this feature.

  • Stake / Revenue Sharing: Stake $DETENSOR, our token, to earn a share of the revenue generated across the DeTensor ecosystem. This mechanism incentivizes active participation and investment in the platform.

  • Decentralized AI: Use a trustworthy and secure artificial intelligence technology, following a decentralized ethical approach without governmental, corporate, or any other interference.

Web3 companies, GPU owners, enthusiasts, developers, and AI firms will be able to participate and contribute with us, enabling mutual growth. By seeking comprehensive resources and accessibility, DeTensor will shape an ecosystem where AI resources are more readily available and profitable for all.

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