Revenue Sharing


Explanation of how the Revenue Sharing of #DETENSOR will work:

First Epoch: 05/06

Second Epoch: 05/20

Third Epoch: 06/03

You can track our current accumulation in real time on our dashboard.

What is the source of this treasure?

Our entire revenue-sharing treasure consists of 1% of the trading volume and 50% of the profits obtained from product sales on our marketplace.

What is the rule for participating in revenue sharing?

Simply hold 50,000 $DETENSOR or more.

How will the distribution work?

For sustainable distribution, a screenshot will be taken every 15 days, and we will distribute 25% of the total accumulated.

How will it be paid?

Within our platform, you must claim your share, and it will be paid out entirely in ETH on the same day as each screenshot.

See below for a figurative example:

Mr. Elon holds 100,000 tokens, and the total accumulated revenue is 50 ETH. 25% of the total will be distributed, which is 12.5 ETH on the day of the screenshot, and it will be available in our DApp to claim your share of this distribution, approximately 1/4 of what appears in the total payout on the dashboard.

How to make CLAIM:

  1. Access our marketplace in the 'Revenue Sharing Tab' tab.

  2. Click Claim

  3. Confirm on your wallet sign.

  4. Congratulation! Your withdrawal will appear in the "Claimed Revenue" table below.

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