Affiliate Program

DeTensor aims to deliver the true All-in-One, encompassing the leading products/services from the tech world and present via DeFi, and to enhance and drive sales of these, we've just launched our newest feature: the Affiliate Program.

It's a new source of income for our users, with all the products in our marketplace.

How does it work?

By referring new customers to DeTensor.

And it's straightforward – in our DApp, you can request your unique link, which you can then share with your friends, acquaintances, and clients to refer our products.

And the commission?

You'll receive a one-time commission of 20% on any new transaction tied to your referral link.

What are the advantages of products in the DeTensor Marketplace?

We offer competitive prices for all our products, your referral can buy with just one click, full support and easy setup on each of them, and purchase without registration and KYC.

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